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You are generally limited by your imagination. If your product is 3 dimensional, it can almost certainly be created to your design. Inflatables can either be ground-based, inflated with cold-air fans or helium-filled, allowing them to be portrayed at a height, subject to weather conditions. Contact us with your ideas, and we will assist in the design process.
Pretty much, yes. There are some rules that must be obeyed. For example, the Irish Aviation Authority have strict rules that requires specific permission from themselves if flying at a height of greater than 45 metres (up to 60 metres) or within 8km of a registered airfield. Similarly, permission must also be granted by the landowner and it would also be prudent to advise the local Garda station. We have flown helium inflatables from central Dublin parks with full permissions. For activities that we are managing, we will obtain all the necessary permissions.
All of our inflatable products, with the exception of Hot Air Balloons, can be either provided on a straightforward sale basis or we can provide partial or complete management of the activity. As Hot Air Balloons are registered aircraft, a suitably qualified pilot and ground crew are required for this activity.
Some unbranded products are available from stock i.e. illuminated Zygote/Crowd Surf Balls. Custom designs do require a longer lead-time, sometimes up to 12 weeks. Artwork on generic inflatable shapes i.e. spheres, blimps etc are generally available on a 4-6 week leadtime.
We can provide both video and photo productions using a variety of platforms i.e. multirotor drones, stabilised ground-based cameras, hot air balloons etc. Our videographer has provided a number of projects for both television and film production, including major Irish action series.

In Your Face Media Limited is a company dedicated to providing imaginative ground and air based bespoke media and advertising for the corporate and event marketplace. Our background has included over 30 years of aerial advertising for both national and multinational clients for corporate events, television and film productions. As such, we have acquired prime TV coverage for the BBC, RTÉ and Sky TV – a value of hundreds of thousands of Euros. We have now expanded our portfolio covering all aspects of inflatable media from helium spheres to giant hot air balloons. We also have our own in-house videographic facility for both filming and post-production.

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