In Your Face Media Limited draws on over 30 years of advertising and marketing experience for a multitude of clients, both national and multi-national.
Events and Festivals a speciality
Whether you have a short-term or long-term advertising requirement 
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In Your Face Media specialises in advertising and promotions using a variety of high-impact platforms, limited only by your imagination.
We strive to provide the maximum exposure for our clients whether it be ground-based / aerial advertising or media generation using photographic or videographic systems.

  • Contact us on +353 (0)1 403 4700 to discuss your requirements.
  • Cold-Air and Helium Inflatables: Designs only limited by your imagination
  • Hot Air Balloon: Experience Flights/Lessons (NOTE: we do not provide group passenger flights)
  • Aerial Advertising: Hot Air Balloons, Airships, Helium Blimps and Spheres
  • Exhibition displays: Helium or air-filled spheres, shapes, columns, optionally illuminated internally
  • Inflatable Structures: Gazebos, sampling booths, buildings and stages
  • Videography & Photography: Aerial and ground-based videography and photography