Flying High

  Seen flying high above Iveagh Gardens, Dublin, is the Vodafone Comedy Festival Helium Blimp. The blimp was clearly seen across the whole of Dublin City both promoting the event and acting as a great reference point for people attending the event who might be unfamiliar with the venue. It certainly made a great landmark.

Hamley’s Toy Parade

The 2016 Hamley’s Toy Parade which represents a striking similarity to the World-famous Macy’s parade in the USA (but, admittedly, on a slightly smaller scale!) Despite less than ideal weather, thousands of people came out to see the fun parade. Each inflatable character was supported by a dedicated team of enthusiasts to ensure that the…

Zygote Balls

Zygote Balls have shown to be a favourite addition for night-time events, in particular concerts and activities where there are large crowds. The Zygote Balls are available in either 1 or 2 metre diameter and are internally illuminated with LEDs. The colours can be changed either by contact or using a remote control.  The below…

Anyone for Coffee?

Ireland’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Hospice together with Bewley’s. Ireland’s Biggest Coffee Morning is the main annual fundraiser for hospice care nationwide. This giant Coffee Cup was installed on the front fascia of the famous Bewley’s Oriental Café in Grafton Street, Dublin. The cup is 4 metres tall and is internally illuminated.