School Visits

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Regardless of the fascination of Hot Air Balloons, there are many educational aspects that children find extremely interesting and rewarding. In addition to the visual spectacle, there are important aspects such as history, physics and meteorology, as well as the children having the ability to ‘touch and feel’ a real Hot Air Balloon.

Our staff are fully trained in all aspects of Hot Air Ballooning and provide an exciting insight into man’s first flight (including the very first flight, over 230 years ago, where animals were used to test the theory – the inventors thought it too risky to let humans fly!).

Our school sessions are extremely immersive and children find our sessions captivating. The resulting ‘Q and A’ sessions afterwards always raise many interesting and (often) humorous comments.

Here are some examples…

  • What is a balloon made of?
  • Why does a balloon climb when heated?
  • What fuel does a balloon use?
  • What weather will a balloon fly in?
  • Have balloons changed over the years?
  • Why do some balloons use sand bags?
  • Can anyone fly a hot air balloon?

Our school presentations are tailored for the specific age groups, in terms of the depth of detail covered to best suit the children’s educational level.